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Can restricted friends on facebook post on your wall?

Can restricted friends on Facebook post on your wall? The answer is YES! They can still post on your wall because preventing people to post on your timeline is a different setting option. Restricting people means they cannot view your post if you set it to friend only (not a public), but they can still post on your wall.

If I restrict someone on Facebook can I still see their posts? Again the answer is YES! Both of you can see post on each timeline if it was post on a public. So, you can continue to see their post on Facebook even they are in Facebook restricted list.

How do I stop someone seeing my posts on Facebook without blocking them? Just follow this link for a full tutorial >>> “How can I make a friend on Facebook not see my posts?” You are probably can hide post without knowing your friends or without blocking them. Just follow the simple instruction on the link given and your friends will start to not seeing your post on Facebook.

Can restricted friends see my likes? The answer is YES! They still see your likes even they are on your Facebook restricted list. People that are in the restricted friend list still see anything on you except if your post is set on the (Friend) option (not Public).

I hope this page will help to remove your doubt about our topic “can restricted friends on Facebook post on your wall?”. As I say YES they can. If you still have some question about it, just leave a comment below. If somebody has an additional knowledge about it, please share it on a comment area.