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Getting Your Feet Wet Begin Investing

If you are anxious to start your investments without much bonding knowledge, you can start immediately. Begin by becoming a low-risk, conservative investor. This allows you to increase your money as you learn more about investment.

Start your interest-bearing savings account. You might already have one. If that's not the case, you should. The same bank you check–or any other bank–can open a savings account. A savings account should pay about 2–4 percent of the money you have on your account.

That's not a lot of money, but it's a beginning, and the money you make money, unless you've got a million dollars on that account.

Investing next to the cash market funds. This can often be done through your bank. Their interest payments are higher than typical savings accounts, but they do the same. These are short-term investments, so your cash won't be tied for a long time–but money is gaining money again (Money Making Money).

Deposit certificates are also good risk-free investment. CDs typically have higher interest rates than saved accounts or Money Market Funds. Your investment period can be selected and interest will be paid regularly until the CD matures. You can buy your bank's CDs and insure your bank against loss. When the CD matures, in addition to the amount of interest the CD earns, you get an initial investment.

If you just start, the best starting point is one or all of these three types of investments. Again, your money will be able to make money for you as you learn more about investing elsewhere.