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Avoid Impulse Spending

Answer the following questions:

1.) Do you complain that you spend too much money? Do you grumble?

2.) Are you surprised that you charge a lot more for it every month than you thought when your credit card arrived?

3.) Do you have more slippers and clothes in your armchair than you could ever wear?

4.) Do you have a new tool before you have time to collect dust from a retail shelf?

5.) You didn't buy stuff until you saw it in a shop, you didn't know?

You are an impulsive user who enjoys retail therapy if you answer "yes" to any of the above questions. There's no good thing to do.

It's not good. You won't save to buy important thing like a new car, a vacation, a retreat, or things like a house. You have to set some financial goals and refuse to spend money on items that don't matter in the long run.

Driving your financial activities and relationships will put a strain on them. First, you can make a difference between your needs and the desire to overcome the problem. Their products are hawked by blitz advertisers 24 hours a day. The trick is to cool down before you buy something you didn't plan for.

Make a list when shopping and just buy enough cash. Leave your credit cards at home. It takes a few weeks to decide whether you really need something when you see something you really think you need. By following this simple solution, you can bridge your financial gaps and relationships.