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If someone blocked you on facebook
How to see if someone blocked you on Facebook? Sometime you get some doubt because you cannot reach some of your friend. You may think you blocked by him or her, but not that easy. If you cannot reach some of your friends there are lots of reasons. It might be their account will be; deleted by Facebook, or disable by Facebook, or blocked by Facebook, or finally he/she blocked you on Facebook.

For sure, first thing you should do is to check if his/her account if it really disable by Facebook. Some software or instrument will do it easily to know if his/her account deleted by Facebook. Just go to Facebook Graph ( and add his/her username or name.

Example: or

Then, hit ENTER button on you keypad.
  1. If the profile is deleted or deactivated by Facebook, the answer you will get is "cancelled-profile".
  2. If the account is still active but you cannot reach, it is possible that you have been blocked! The answer you will get is "active-profile"

Got it? If any doubt just leave it in a comment area.

Another signs to know if someone blocked you on Facebook are as follows:
  1. You cannot see things of post on his/her timeline.
  2. You cannot invite him/her to the events or groups.
  3. You cannot tag her/him.
  4. You cannot add him/her as a friend.
  5. And you cannot start him/her a conversation.

Those are what you should check if someone blocked you on Facebook. Some friends block you only from sending messages and it is different situation. The only possible happen for this blocking situation is you cannot sending her/him a messages but you can see his/her profile, see and like the post, see photos, and see status updates.

I hope this tutorial will clear your mind if someone blocked you on Facebook or maybe not. If you have some additional ways to check if someone blocked you on Facebook, please share it to the comment area. Enjoy!

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