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How Powerful Is Beauty

Beauty is the power of radiance, and your personal beauty can shine on your world to make it more radiant and abundant. In your beautiful life there is plenty, joy, passion, sensuality and pleasure, and working with your personal beauty power is a strategy for demanding more. Your own beauty power is a treasure to look at, a way to be courageous and a powerful journey to unfold. The story of your beauty lies beneath the surface of your skin, and that is the story you want to tell.

Beauty's personal power is a magical tool that makes all aspects of your life more majestic and splendid. Beauty is the source of your magic, the essence of you, which connects you and the planet in abundance.

What is beauty? Where does it come from? Who's got it? Who's got it? When you think of beauty, you know you have something in you? Or does beauty seem somewhat elusive outside of you?

All people are the group of beauty, and this beautiful truth is our essential nature.

Beauty Was Inside You

On the past years, I watched an ad I loved for Burt 's Bee products. The picture belonged to a group of Harley bikers, weighed down men, grimacing, hairy and sounding scary, you know. The title of the ad says, "Beautiful is inside." You find true beauty under the packaging, it's inside. It can not be clearer. This publicity split me up, it only makes me smile, it was so clearly spoken, powerful and wonderfully written message. Beauty emanates from within the skin and vibrates around us. It is the unique essence of who we are, like our signatures or thumbs, and it is only one of our own.

Each of us has its own personal beauty. The heart, our center of love, is our personal beauty or our inner beauty. Our love core is our vital spiritual strength; and the vital strength of our spirit comes from the source of all life: God, High priestess, Winning mentality, Energy, Vibration, Creator, Nature, Divine, Force, all of which are the same. And whatever you actually believe to be a mystical spark of life within you; and whatever you actually compare with the magical nature of your existence; but you understand life with its completeness and perfection, always responsible for the air of your breath and the fire of your spirits. Our beauty is a divine light that shines in every cell of our being. You can never be anything but beautiful, because you are life, and beauty is life itself.

You will then have access to the beauty source within you for your higher quantities, absolute power, and unique ability to manifest change. The strength of your beauty, ready to glitter, is already in your essence. However, your convictions and actions harness it in the name of truth, beauty and love. You were born with the instruments to become a channel for this extremely powerful, influential vibration. As a vehicle for this sacred source, you will shine and shine.

Truth is Beauty

It's all you know on Earth, and it's all you need to know. " We live in a world where our collective consciousness, the standards of our society, determine our concepts of beauty. Many of us, especially women, suffer from the so-called' beautiful myth.' A world of fashion rules, ideal body types, all our looks and feelings are intended to sell or ingest: beauty products, fragrances, dietary pills, hair color, fashion magazines, showers, etc. But this is not true beauty. The truth, we are all perfect beings already, we are all perfectly ourselves. We're all perfect. What is true is all beauty and all beauty. For everything is of the divine source on earth and in the universe. Sadly, many of us have not been taught to honor our beauty in this way. We were warned not to be too covetous or said we were not lovely enough, and unfortunately so many beautiful people were never reflected in their own precious nature. We hide our beauty in the shadows, even the super models complain that places are terrible. We were empowered and misled by the media in subtle and not so subtle ways to see ourselves less than the ideal of beauty. All TV commercials are an assault that tells us what we have to do to be better, happier and better. This is the myth of beauty, it can destroy our sense of self-esteem, even to destroy our joy of life.

As adults, we must learn new things about true beauty. We must reconnect with and teach our children the radiant source of life within us. True beauty comes from the heart, soul and spirit from whom you really are, and it is your divine right to reverberate with your self-love. Your authenticity is full of beauty. Life is love, love is truth, beauty is truth. All life is holy and all life is beautiful.