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We Accept Credit Cards

"We accept credit cards" is a declaration that you have to meet several times in different shops, supermarkets and other shops. In general, this statement comes with some stickers (Visa / Mastercard, etc.). Credit cards have transformed our companies and lives greatly. A few years ago there were only a few shops that accepted credit cards, but today most shops accept credit cards. Some shops (such as retailers) not only accept credit cards, but also provide credit cards. You are entitled to discounts on these credit cards when used in one of the retail stores.

Many people have stopped carrying cash or just carried very little cash with them with credit cards. Thus, any shop that does not accept credit cards may lose customers. Indeed, nearly all merchants accept credit cards. That's one reason.

The development of the internet has also brought a new turn to the credit card sector, and e-commerce and e-shops are emerging. Therefore, the "We accept credit cards" stickers have moved to the door of Internet shops. So almost every online shop (directly or indirectly) had to accept credit cards. In fact, this was the premise that underpinned the entire online business. That's the best comfort.

Almost every financial instrument is linked to fraud. Then there were also fraudsters who said, "We accept credit cards." These fraudsters use many credit card fraud techniques. Many of them disguise themselves as online traders who accept credit cards as payment methods (the real reason is that critical credit card details are removed). Others work in shops where credit cards are accepted. These fraudsters either clone credit cards or just note (and use that for online shopping) critical information from them. Innocent people in chat rooms are drawn to other fraudsters by discovering credit card details. And there are tech-savvy fraudsters who spy on people who use their credit cards for online payments using computer programs, software, or devices (called spyware). The spyware captures your credit card details and sends them to the spy over the internet.

Many traders and service providers therefore accept credit cards, but note that they too welcome credit cards and accept them. You accept credit cards. You must certainly be very careful about this.