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Selecting a Franchise
Selecting a Franchise 

When it comes to opening your own franchise, there are hundreds of choices to chose from, but there are certain essential considerations that must be taken before doing so. Even if it feels necessary to you to run into a franchise opportunity with both hands bound behind your back, becoming reckless about owning a franchise is only one way to allow a struggling franchise from the onset! Nonetheless, several individuals rush into buying a company's franchise while considering what kind of franchise they might be operating. If you are susceptible to make rash judgments, below are several considerations to remember when picking a franchise:

Your Passions

Even though you've already learned that it's important to remember your preferences before opening a franchise, this may very well be an indication and predictor of whether or not your selected franchise would thrive or fail! Will you want to be the director of a restaurant franchise? Is it something you'll be able to sustain for several years if you open a restaurant franchise? Even though franchise options such as luxury restaurants like The Olive Garden, The Golden Corral, or another business may seem to be a very lucrative path to go, you may not feel like buying the franchise is ten to fifteen years, although certain franchise contracts currently entail a period of twenty years.

Indeed, it is important to understand what you love doing in your free time, since this can guide you to the sort of franchise opportunity that you choose to open up. For example, if you like watching sports games on tv, you could suggest starting your own sports memorabilia franchise so that you can watch and be surrounded by the stuff you enjoy every day. If, on the other hand, you like interacting with automobiles, maybe operating an automotive accessories franchise is the way to go. Finally, taking time doing something that you are excited about is important such that you can not get too burned out on the job that you must do each day in order for the franchise to succeed!

Starting your own business!

Even though buying a franchise may seem to be a promising choice, many people forget another option before going to the franchise aisle: starting their own business. There are several benefits to running your own business rather than a company franchise, including the freedom to decide what you can do in your own shop as well as how you can decorate the company store you've made!

Overall, these are some of the most critical items to consider when launching your own franchise and potentially beginning your own business. Many people start franchises with the intention of succeeding, only to discover later that they are about to shut store! Finding a successful franchise option for you would undoubtedly benefit you in the long term!

Alternatives to Franchising
Alternatives to Franchising 

Since there are too many obligations to remember, owning a franchise is an undertaking that only a handful embark on. In the one hand, the franchise owner is accountable for all facets of the business franchise, which could be a positive thing, but on the other hand, he is still personally responsible for financing the whole franchise business in the first place. There is no way to escape the personal and financial obligations that a franchise owner would make. For certain individuals, much of their diligent work does not pay off in the end! As a consequence, many people opt not to buy a franchise in the end, but instead focus on another method to gain the franchise that they desire:

The Franchise Collaboration

As previously said, buying a franchise necessitates significant financial investment and liability. Many individuals are ill-equipped to deal with this, even though they desperately wish to buy the franchise! A franchise agreement, on the other side, might be just what they're hoping for. A franchise relationship, like every other partnership, is based on both people becoming interested in the business. One side is responsible for half of the financial commitment, and the other is responsible for the other half. Of addition, there could be such business arrangements as well, such as one person making the sole financial pledge to purchase the franchise in return for a portion of the sales for a period of time.

Franchise relationships can be a perfect way to stop running a whole franchise by yourself, and they definitely allow for more flexibility and comfort about how things are handled. For example, rather than trying to recruit someone of their own to operate the franchise, your spouse would be similarly liable for assisting with the hiring of supervisors, assistant managers, and other staff.

In the other hand, almost as easily as a franchise agreement is established, it can be shattered. If you've ever used the phrase "it just takes one poor apple to kill the set," this is certainly accurate here. And if one member of the franchise relationship is in it for the long run and handles himself or herself frankly, there are plenty of those who are simply involved in earning a fast buck and then bailing! This is particularly concerning if the individual who ends up canceling the deal has the fewest financial commitments to the franchise business.

Overall, franchise companies are an excellent option for someone who does not wish to own a full-fledged business. This benefits are an ideal opportunity for two or three individuals to get interested such that the burdens and commitments, financial or otherwise, do not fall entirely on one set of hands or in one sole back account!

Since this is the most frequently asked question, here is the knowledge about breast fibrocystic changes.

First, fibrocystic changes are not cancer. This is the most common benign condition of the breast.

Fibrosis means scar tissue. The cysts are round with only fluid. This is usually known by the doctor based on the symptoms of breast lumps, swelling and pain.

Its symptoms often increase during menstruation due to changes in the structure of the breast caused by hormones associated with menstruation.

But if you have these symptoms, we are still not sure that those are just fibrocystic changes. You need to see a doctor to diagnose your symptoms, to find out what your tumors are, if a biopsy is needed, and what to do.

Tumor biopsy, helpful in treatment:

Misconception: "Doc, I don't want to have a biopsy because they say the lump will spread even more when it is touched."

Dr. Garcia answers: Cancer that has not been biopsy cannot be treated correctly so its spread and progression are certain.

According to a scientific study of more than 2,000 patients who underwent a biopsy at the Mayo Clinic in America, there is no sufficient basis for this assumption.

In fact, they found that cancer patients who underwent biopsy had a longer life expectancy. This is because biopsy is important so that doctors can determine the exact type of cancer and provide the most effective treatment.

How To Be Smart
How To Be Smart

I know you want to be smart. And if you're smart, you have to protect your brain to stay smart. There is a way:

1.) Eat brain food or foods that are good for the brain. Studies have shown that eating a diet helps (1) a handful of nuts daily because it has good oils that increase serotonin levels, (2) fatty fish such as tilapia, sardines and salmon with omega-3 , (3) olive oil and avocado with omega-3, and (4) dark chocolate with flavonoids that keep our roots young.

2.) Use the brain regularly. Answer crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Play chess. Try multiplying or calculating by mind and never use a calculator. Activate your brain.

3.) Go online and search on Google. There is a review that shows that surfing the internet is brilliant. Whether young or old, brain scans have shown that using the internet activates our brain.

4.) Avoid alcohol and vices. Drinking too much alcohol reduces brain cells. Your memory is failing. There is a disease called "alcoholic dementia." This means that the patient becomes lethargic because his brain is exposed to alcohol. Also avoid smoking and vigilance.

5.) Work hard to study even when you are having a hard time. Even if you do not understand your lesson well, you will still be patient with it. In English class, just read a book. In Mathematics, practice answering questions to become proficient. Soon, you will be surprised and you will understand.

6.) Dream or day dream. Yes, it's okay to be awake. If your dream is to become a pilot, a lawyer or a doctor, think about how it can be. According to psychologists, when you are always looking for something, your brain and body will make way for it to come true. All those who succeed have only begun with a dream.

7.) Protect your head. Do not let your head bump or punch. Wear a helmet while on a motorcycle, sports or work. Older people, be careful when walking and you may fall down and bump your head.

8.) Take a vitamin B complex with folic acid. According to the new study, taking the vitamin B complex may slow down Alzheimer's disease and forgetfulness. Not only that, in pregnancy, you need to take vitamin B with folic acid to prevent your child from developing brain damage (neural tube disorder).

9.) And last of all, monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. All of these need to be normal in order to maintain good blood flow to your brain. If you have any problems, see your doctor.

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microsoft window 7
Microsoft Window 7

Cyber-security experts advise Windows 7 users to upgrade their OS.

Microsoft will stop promoting Windows 7 from Tuesday, so it can concentrate on "new technologies."  As a result, users of Windows 7 will no longer receive the essential security updates and patches that keep their machines safe.

According to statistics website StatCounter one in four Windows users runs Windows 7.

What does all of that mean?

It means Microsoft is ending the cat-and-mouse game with hackers seeking to exploit Windows 7 operating system software bugs.

If perpetrators find a flaw in Windows 7, Microsoft is not going to fix that.

Windows 7 computers are more likely to get infected with viruses and malware without continuous software and security updates, Microsoft wrote on its website.

"Running an unpatched computer ensures that the code vulnerabilities will never be fixed and as exploits for those bugs are established and common, the chances of being successfully attacked are growing very fast," said Rik Ferguson, Trend Micro's vice president of security research.

David Emm, a senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, has added that people need to move as soon as possible to a supported operating system.

What are those risks?

Hackers use malware to have computers invaded, damaged or disabled.

By knowing it, it can be used to steal personal and financial data, spy on other users, and keep businesses to ransom before payment is made.

The NHS has been struck by the WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017.

A government report in 2018 found that if NHS Trusts had upgraded their systems and implemented the necessary security updates the attack could have been stopped.

Hackers exploited weaknesses in unpatched versions of Windows 7 and the earlier Windows XP, which Microsoft had stopped supporting, to a lesser degree.

School software upgrade has led to' jammed' network urgent warning over' serious' Windows 7 bug Microsoft is hitting $1 trillion market valuation What are you supposed to do with your Windows 7 PC?

Computers running Windows 7 will still function after Tuesday but becoming less and less stable.

Microsoft is urging people to move to a new operating system, Windows 10, which it sells for £ 120.

"The best way for you to remain safe on Windows 10 is to go forward," it said. "And the best way to experience Windows 10 is on a new PC." Windows 10 can be installed on old PCs but Microsoft warns it might not run smoothly.

PCs must have a 1GHz processor, 16 GB of hard disk space and 1 GB of RAM memory to run Windows 10.

"It's not recommended to install Windows 10 on your older device though," Microsoft said.

That said, if you are using your PC offline, Windows 7 users won't need to update.

What is it that officials in the UK say?
UK authorities have warned Windows 7 users after Tuesday not to do internet banking or send them emails.

The warning was issued by the National Cyber Security Center, part of the GCHQ intelligence agency in Britain, and first reported by The Telegraph.

"We would urge those using the software to replace unsupported devices as soon as possible after the deadline, move sensitive data to a supported device and not use it for tasks such as accessing bank and other sensitive accounts," a NCSC spokesperson told BBC.

"They should consider accessing email from a different device, too." Some firms rely heavily on applications which work only with Windows 7.

If businesses want to continue receiving updates for Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Enterprise, Microsoft can pay for this.

The Windows 7 Extended Security Updates are available for companies of all sizes until 2023.

Charges range from $25 (£ 19) per device up to $200 per device, and each year rise. The costs for organizations with lots of computers will be mounting quickly.

For businesses, upgrading to a newer operating system isn't always easy, Mr Ferguson said.

"Business-critical applications may not be running on newer operating systems, or significant costs may be associated with upgrading those applications," he said.

Locations such as hospitals and factories may have equipment designed solely for running on Windows 7.

"Unless the warranty is voided, the user can not always upgrade," Mr Ferguson said.
Online Trading

The Internet's creation has brought many changes to the way we operate our lives and our personal business. We can pay online for our bills, shop online, bank online, and even online date!

Also online we can buy and sell stocks. Traders like the ability to view their accounts whenever they want, and traders like the ability to take orders over the Internet, as opposed to the phone.

Many brokers and investment firms now sell their customers online trading. Another great thing about online trading is that there are frequently lower charges and commissions. While there are great online trading, there are some disadvantages.

If you're new to invest, it can be quite helpful to have the ability to actually talk to a broker. If you're not experienced in the stock market, investing online can be a dangerous thing for you. If this is the case, make sure that before you start trading online you know as much as you can about trading stocks.

You should also be mindful that there is no device connected to you with Internet access. You will not always have the ability to make a deal online. You need to be sure that, using the online broker, you can call and talk to a broker if that is the case. Whether you're an experienced trader or a novice, this is real.

Working with an online brokerage firm that's been around for a while is also a good idea. Of course, you won't find one that has been in operation for fifty years, but you can find a company that has been in business for a long time and now offers online trading.

Online trading is once again a beautiful thing–but not for everyone. Once you decide to trade online, think carefully to make sure you really know what you're doing!

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How to earn cryptocurrency online free?

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For Google CHROME browser users:
  1. Just go to Menu or click the 3 dots on the up right side bar of the chrome).
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How To See Recently Added Friends on Facebook?

How to search for recently became friends with Facebook? Well, you can see who you added on Facebook normally in your friend page area. It must be located to your Facebook profile. To make it easy to search someone you recently added on Facebook, just follow the steps given below.

How to see recently added friends on Facebook?
  1. Open Facebook and login to your account.
  2. Go to your timeline (profile) and find Friend menu button.
  3. When you found it, click it and it will open to the friend area.
  4. On the friend page area, find Recently Added menu and then click it.
  5. You should see the list of your friends recently added.
  6. You’re done!

That is the simplest method on how to see recently added friends on Facebook. It happens to me before when I’m new on Facebook. I add lot of friends that I see on add friends area, and then I forgot afterward who’s that persons I recently added friends. So, I patiently find it and luckily I found it in my profile area (timeline).

First time when I go to the friend area, I don’t see who I add recently. I continue to discover on how to see recently added friends on Facebook, and luckily I found the “Recently Added” button menu. I click it and viola I see all newly added friends on my account. I am done!

I hope this page will help to everyone who wants to know how to see recently added friends on Facebook. If you happy for this tutorial, you can share it to your friends and family that want also to know how to see when friends were added on Facebook recently. If you have any concern about it, just leave a comment in the comment area located below. Enjoy your social life!

How do I stop people from posting on my timeline on Facebook?

To stop people from posting on your timeline, you should make some simple setting on your account. There are some other options to block one person from posting on your timeline. You can do it by blocking someone, but the problem is you and he/she become unfriend and cannot see each other any more on Facebook. So, it completely abolish on them on Facebook as your friend. If you don’t want it happen, there is an option. You can block a person from posting on your Facebook wall without unfriending them.

How to block a person from posting on your Facebook wall without unfriending them? To prevent them to post on your timeline without unfriending them, simply use “Timeline and Tagging” setting. How to do it? Simply follow the steps below.
  1. Normally, open Facebook and login to your account.
  2. At the top right side of Facebook you will see the triangle arrow facing down, click on it.
  3. When you click it, drop-down will pop-up, and then select Setting.
  4. It will open to the setting area, then look at the left side and select “Timeline and Tagging”.
  5. When you click timeline and tagging, look and find “Who can post on your timeline?”
  6. On the who can post on your timeline click edit button located to the right side.
  7. Then click the drop-down menu and you should select the “Only Me” option.

That is it! Now, nobody can post on your timeline and nobody can tag you every time your friends make a post. But keep in mind that they can still see your public post and comment on it, even in your photos that shared on the public. I hope it will help you to whatever your purpose on “blocking someone from posting on your Facebook timeline.

If you happy to this tutorial on “How Do I Stop People from Posting on My Timeline on Facebook?” share it to your friend and family. If you still have doubt or question, just leave a comment below. Enjoy your social life!
How can I make a friend on Facebook not see my posts?

How to hide posts from one person on Facebook timeline? Hiding post to prevent seeing by your friend on Facebook can do in two options. Either hide it to all or hide it to selected person only.

Steps on how can i make a friend on Facebook not see my posts?

Hide your post on Facebook to all people option. If you want to hide your post to all people, just follow the steps given below.
  1. Login to your Facebook account and go to your timeline (your profile).
  2. Make a post, and before clicking a post button, look at the default Public menu button beside the Post button.
  3. Click it and the drop-down menus will pop-up.
  4. Select the Only Me option.
  5. If your post is ready, click “Post” button.
  6. You’re done!
  7. Now, every time you make a post using that option, there is nobody see on it except yourself.

Hide your post on Facebook to some of your friends option. If you want to hide your post on selected friends only, just follow the steps given below.
  1. First of all, login to your Facebook account.
  2. Now, find a friend that you don’t want to see you r post.
  3. Open his/her account profile and restrict him/her.
  4. Learn how to restrict friend here: How to restrict friends on Facebook?
  5. Every time you make a post and want to hide on your specific friend, look at the default Public button located beside Post button.
  6. Click Public button and the drop-down menus will pop-up.
  7. Select the Friends Only option.
  8. If your post is ready, click “Post” button.
  9. You’re done!
  10. Now, every time you make a post using that option, only not restricted friend can see your post including yourself of course.

Well, if you are ready to post and hide it select the option given above. I hope you found it useful and will help you to enjoy your social life using Facebook. If you are happy to this tutorial “How can I make a friend on Facebook not see my posts?” share it to your friends and family. Go ahead to your goal, think positive and enjoy!